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Activate! A2, B1, B1+ and B2 is an exciting and intensive four-level exam preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life with the inspiring video on the Active Book which is a digital interactive version of the Students' Book. Activate! offers an enjoyable and highly motivating exam preparation experience for a range of international exams. Activate! is also ideal preparation for KET for Schools, PET for Schools and the upcoming FCE for Schools.


  • Help your students reach their full potential through this rigorous exam syllabus combined with enjoyable topics and tasks
  • Motivate your students with the exciting components including students’ digital Active Bookwith authentic video clips
  • Give your students the opportunity to test themselves and monitor their progression with interactive exam practice at
  • Prepare for multiple exams with the flexible materials in the teacher’s Exam Box and extensive exam practice activities
  • Active Teach – All your digital teaching tools in one place for use on an Interactive Whiteboard or simply with a projector
What teachers say

Trevor Lewis Activate! does exactly that it activates the language of the pupils in a teenage environment. It's colourful, and interesting and our pupils love using it. With Activate! English is a lot more than a language!"

Trevor Lewis
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) coach
RSG Enkhuizen,
The Netherlands

Active Teach
Active Teach is software for an Interactive Whiteboard or a computer and projector. Load it to your computer to have all your teaching resources in one place…saves time in class and makes preparation quicker!

Click here for a demo of Active Teach
Carolyn Barraclough
Meet the authors
Authors: Carolyn Barraclough, Elaine Boyd, Mary Stephens, Suzanne Gaynor, Megan Roderick
Carolyn Barraclough is an experienced author and teacher trainer. She has a BA honours degree in English and French from Bristol University.... more
Penguin Active Reading
Penguin Readers

Help students take control of the reading experience.
7 levels from easystart to advanced
Originals, classics, film titles, plays and more…
You’re one click away from anywhere with this ticket to travel through the English language. Click here for sample audio


Penguin Active Reading
Penguin Active Reading

5 levels that help students take control of the reading experience.
Integrating skills through the purpose made CDRom
Overt skills work to encourage reflective reading

Ideal for class use or self-study