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The Azar Grammar Exchange is a global Question and Answer Forum. It provides a forum where you can post questions about English Grammar and usage, comment on topics by other readers, and receive informed answers from the Grammar Exchange team.

For other resources on the teaching of grammar in the ESL/EFL classroom, you can visit AzarGrammar.com — a teacher support website created by Betty Azar, where you’ll find:
  • Thousands of worksheets, exercises, games and activities to download and use in your classroom. All classroom materials are correlated to the Azar texts:
    • Teacher-created grammar exercises
    • Communicative games and activities (including Suzanne Woodward’s entire book Fun with Grammar)
    • Vocabulary worksheets
    • Song lessons designed to reinforce grammar structures using well known songs

  • Teacher Talk blog: A discussion area on teaching grammar
  • Teacher’s Guides for the Azar Grammar Series
  • Essays, articles, book reviews and videos on grammar teaching in which Betty Azar shares her thoughts on teaching grammar
  • Grammar explanations as presented on the Azar Interactive programs