I came up with this sentence using "likewise" in a booklet and wonder if itīs used correctly.

The Congress is acting likewise the President did.

Should it be replaced in this sentence by "as"?

Posted 11 January 2002


Absolutely. The sentence should be:

The Congress is acting as the president did.

Using "likewise" in this sentence is a mistake.

Informally you might hear "The congress is acting like the president did." Perhaps this informal use of "like" caused a confusion with "likewise."

The Collins COBUILD English Dictionary (HarperCollins, 1995) lists "likewise" as an adverb, and defines it like this:

You use "likewise" when you are comparing two methods, states or situations and saying that they are similar: All attempts by Socialists to woo him back have been spurned. Similar overtures from the right have likewise been rejected

So, "likewise" does not fit into the sentence you submitted. You need a conjunction such as "as."

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