Manuscript Submissions/Reviewers

Reviewers: If you wish to be considered for reviewing Longman ESL/EFL manuscripts, please download the Reviewer Information Form here.

Manuscript Submissions: If you have an idea for a book, we are interested in hearing about it. The following is a list of items Longman would like to see when you submit an idea for consideration for publication.

Guidelines for Submitting a Prospectus for a Manuscript

1. A complete proposed table of contents. This can consist of either:
  • A formal outline, or
  • A list of part and chapter titles with a paragraph describing proposed contents of each chapter.

2. Description of the book. This is the most important part of the prospectus. In it you are, in effect, "selling" your idea to the teacher and the publisher, so it should have as much specific information as possible. Please include:

a. The reason for writing the book (in other words, why do you think this book is necessary?)

b. A summary of the content. Include the skills, level, topics, if appropriate.

c. Approximate length of the book (the number of printed pages) and/or number of chapters and length of chapters.

d. Approximate number of illustrations, photographs, and/or charts per chapter.

e. Approximate length of the time you need to complete your manuscript.

3. Description of the market and competition.

a. A profile of the target audience. Please be as complete as possible. Include:
  • The age and type of student who will benefit from your book.

  • The kind of class (level and skill if appropriate) in which your book will be used, and the kind of program.
b. A comparison of your book with the competition. Please select the best-selling books with which yours will compete and briefly compare each book with yours, naming strengths and weaknesses. (Why does your book need to be published in addition to the others?)

4. Two or three sample chapters (paginated) that are representative of the book.

5. Please include a copy of your current curriculum vitae or résumé.


Please do not include your name or affiliation on the prospectus or sample manuscript. If Longman sends your material out for review, the proposal should remain anonymous.

Please send your materials to:


10 Bank Street
White Plains, NY 10606

Phone: (914) 287-8000
Fax: (914) 997-8115

Or you may e-mail your submissions to:

Thank you for giving Longman the opportunity to consider your prospectus.