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Longman Advanced American Dictionary

High-Intermediate -- Advanced

It's the ultimate reference for advanced students and instructors! With over 4,000 encyclopedic entries for people, places, and organizations, the Longman Advanced American Dictionary offers students access to the words and phrases Americans really use in speech and in writing. Wide-ranging entries—from contemporary and idiomatic to offbeat—are thorough and understandable, as a result of the 2,000-word Longman Defining Vocabulary.

The Longman Advanced American Dictionary is the first truly corpus-based dictionary of American English at the advanced level, utilizing:

  • The Longman Spoken American Corpus, which contains 5 million words of demographically collected speech.
  • Interactive CD-ROM with all 84,000 entries clearly pronounced! Word origins on the CD-ROM show the history of words.
  • The Longman Written American Corpus of 50 million words.
  • A large newspaper corpus from the Linguistic Data Consortium of 85 million words.
  • The 10-million word Longman Learners' Corpus.

The unique features that make the Longman Advanced American Dictionary the ideal reference in the classroom and beyond include:

  • 84,000 words and phrases.
  • 66,000 natural example sentences based on the corpus, to show how words and phrases are really used.
  • New words, idioms, and up-to-date entries ranging from business and literature to science, the Internet, and more.
  • 40-page section on TOEFLŪ test preparation.
  • Easy-to-see Signposts to direct students to the right meaning fast.
  • 24,000 collocations and phrases showing how words can be used together.
  • 3,000 most frequently used words in American speech and writing.
  • 16-page, full-color photo and illustration section, plus hundreds of additional black-and-white photos and illustrations.
  • Usage notes based on the Longman Learners' Corpus that help students choose the correct word and avoid common errors.
  • Clearly highlighted grammatical patterns.
  • More encyclopedic entries than any other American ESL dictionary!

Companion Website

Visit the Longman Advanced American Dictionary Website today!

The Interactive CD-ROM includes:

  • all 84,000 entries clearly pronounced.
  • 15,000 word origins that show the history of words/
  • TOEFLŪ and TOEICŪ Tests.

Hardware Requirements
Pentium 133MHz Windows 95/98, NT4.0, ME, 200, XP 32 Mb RAM MPC compatible audio card CD or DVD drive Up to 160 Mb hard disk space.

Paper with CD-ROM0-582-50409-0
Hardcover with CD-ROM0-582-50413-9

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