From the world leader in bilingual dictionaries for students of English come eight indispensable new reference sources! Contemporary, natural translations of vital words and expressions, paired with valuable illustrations, examples, and cultural notes, help students actively master English.

Longman Wspolczesny Slownik

Longman Wspolczesny Slownik

Jacek Fisiak, Arleta Adamska-Salaciak, Marius Idzikowski, Micahl Jankowski Ewelina Jagda, Robert Lew

Angielsko-Polski, Polsko-Angielski

This new two-color dictionary for Polish students features the most up-to-date vocabulary and easily translates Polish meanings accurately into English with 66,500 words and phrases and 58,000 corpus-based examples. It also features culture and grammar notes and an appendices to avoid typical errors in speaking and writing that are especially difficult for Polish students.

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