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John Brezinsky
Keeping Grammar Current
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

The grammar teaching community never stops moving forward. Writers of grammar materials need to stay plugged in to the community in order to maintain high standards. Betty Azar and Stacy Hagen kept their fingers on the pulse of grammar teaching as they developed the new edition of Understanding and Using English Grammar.

Betty Azar and Stacy Hagen are an active part of the teaching community. As part of their research for the new edition of Understanding and Using English Grammar, Azar and Hagen identified several characteristics of modern grammar teaching.

Characteristics of Modern Grammar Teaching
  • Warm-Up Activities: Many teachers employ exercises designed to draw students’ attention to grammar before it is explained. Azar and Hagen added warm-up activities prior to each grammar chart to introduce the grammar before it is taught.
  • Listening and Speaking: Practice Listening and speaking practice are taking a larger role in grammar classes. The Azar-Hagen team added numerous listening exercises and expanded the speaking work already present.
  • Corpus-Informed: Content Corpus linguistics reveals information about authentic use of different grammatical forms. The Azar-Hagen team used this information when describing how grammar is used in spoken and written English.
Keep your grammar teaching current. Ask your ELL Specialist for a desk copy of Understanding and Using English Grammar, or request one here.

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