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John Brezinsky
Have You Seen Azar Interactive Online?
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

The innovative and popular Azar Interactive is now available online! Online access allows students and teachers to use the software from any computer with an internet connection — anywhere, anytime. This online learning series offers interactive practice for all of the grammar points covered in Fundamentals of English Grammar and Understanding and Using English Grammar.

Interactive Instruction

Introductory dialogs help students notice how grammar works by highlighting form. Animated characters describe and explain each grammar point in conjunction with the famous Azar charts.

Extensive Practice

Each level has more than 500 new interactive exercises including listening, speaking, and reading. There are more than 100 hours of instruction and practice per level.

Ongoing Automatic Assessment

Students receive instant feedback on their progress in every exercise as well as extensive feedback on tests. Students and teachers can monitor progress on exercises and tests with the highly intuitive gradebook.

Try It For Free

You can try out Azar Interactive free for 30 days. Look it over, show it to your colleagues, and then decide whether it is right for your program. Or better yet, contact your local ELL Specialist and ask about how you can integrate online software into your curriculum.

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