Pearson Longman ESL February 09 Newsletter
Just Published — New Edition!
Azar: Understanding and Using English Grammar

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Tara Maceyak
Are Your English Language Learners Making Adequate Yearly Progess (AYP)?
Tara MaceyakK-6 Marketing Manager

Are you making the most of your instructional time withyour students? Are you using assessments designed to measure your instructional goals and uncover your students’ strengths and weaknesses? Read about how the Longman Cornerstone (grades K-5) and Longman Keystone (grades 6-12) assessment options deliver what you need to save time and be most effective in your classrooms.

John Brezinsky
Have You Seen Azar Interactive Online?
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

The innovative and popular Azar Interactive is now available online! Online access allows students and teachers to use the software from any computer with an Internet connection — anywhere, anytime. This online learning series offers interactive practice for all of the grammar points covered in Fundamentals of English Grammar and Understanding and Using English Grammar.

Oliva Fernandez
Effective Multilevel Instruction with
Side by Side Plus

Oliva Fernandez, Marketing Director, Adult and Higher Education

Side by Side Plus is the number one selling ESL series in the world. Long-established as leaders in ESL methodology, authors Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss have tackled the challenges of multilevel instruction and made it easier than ever for every student in a classroom to be successful, no matter what their level of proficiency.

John Brezinsky

Who's Afraid of the AWL?
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

The Academic Word List has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years, but what is it really all about? Making sense of the AWL and implementing it in your teaching is straightforward. But it only works if you have the right information.

Tania Saiz Sousa
Have You Tried Our Amazing Dictionary Interactive CD-ROMs?
Tania Saiz-SousaMarketing Manager

Our Longman Dictionary CD-ROMs give your students a much more robust learning experience, and truly expand what our Learner Dictionaries can offer. In addition to making our Dictionaries fully interactive, the CD-ROMs provide SAT® and TOEFL® test prep, study skills development, pronunciation help, self-assessment, and much more.

John Brezinsky
Keeping Grammar Current
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

The grammar teaching community never stops moving forward. Writers of grammar materials need to stay plugged in to the community in order to maintain high standards. Betty Azar and Stacy Hagen kept their fingers on the pulse of grammar teaching as they developed the new edition of Understanding and Using English Grammar.

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