F Pearson ELT February 2012 Newsletter
Pearson ELT February 2012 newsletter

February 2012


Transform the Way You Teach
By Christina Cavage

Employing a blended learning approach to language teaching actually has many advantages over just a traditional textbook. Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to transform the way you teach?


What's at Work? Tackling Wordiness in a Writing Class
By Colin Ward

Many of my ESOL students fall victim to wordiness in their writing. I now create activities to help my students notice and correct wordiness as they edit their own sentences.


It's About Time: Lessons for a Leap Year
By Bill Bliss and Steve Molinsky

It's a leap year, and it's about time! Have you ever wondered what the calendar and time-keeping would be like without February's quadrennial bonus day? Students can find the answers in readings contained in the Lifeskills Workbooks that accompany the Word by Word Picture Dictionary Program.


Using Communicative Methods to Teach Editing
By Joyce Cain

While writing teachers have the goal of producing successful writers, they may not have the time necessary to develop communicative activities to supplement their grammar and/or writing textbooks. By simply placing students into groups or pairs, teachers can easily integrate communicative classroom techniques that naturally supplement their textbooks.


Pronunciation from the Perspective of a Linguist/Speech-Language Pathologist
By Jenna Luque and Julia Moore

Our experience in working with clients has shown that learners can use the senses of hearing, vision, and touch to hear and produce sounds more accurately, but that each learner varies in how they use these senses in pronunciation work. Therefore, it is important to introduce learners to how all three senses may be used, and to assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Dictation in the Multilevel Classroom
By Sarah Lynn

Dictation is a versatile learning activity. Here are a few ways my colleague John Antonellis and I use it in our classrooms.


Co-Authoring Focus on Grammar, Fourth Edition
By Marjorie Fuchs and Margo Bonner

We recently we sat down with Marjorie Fuchs and Margo Bonner, co-author team of Focus on Grammar, Fourth Edition, levels 3 and 4, to talk about how they met and how they work together as co-authors.


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