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Tara Maceyak
Great Picks for Summer School!
Tara MaceyakK-6 Marketing Manager

Wondering how you are going to keep your students engaged during the blistery days of summer school? Looking for quality resources to help build their academic skills? Explore Pearson Longman’s "Top Five Picks" for summer school.

John Brezinsky
Don't Change Your Teaching — Just Your Homework
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

What's with the buzz about online software? Simply put, online homework saves you time. If you take advantage of what computers do well outside the classroom, you will have more time to spend on human interaction in class.

Oliva Fernandez
Selecting Texts for the Adult ESL Classroom,
Part 2: Checklist for Textbook Adoption
Oliva Fernandez, Marketing Director, Adult and Higher Education

Last month we talked about important issues to consider when selecting textbooks for the adult classroom. This month we're proivding a model checklist you can use to review textbooks and materials that you are considering for adoption. (Excerpted from a monograph by MaryAnn Florez.)

John Brezinsky

Poll: Speaking and Writing Difficult for Students
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

In a recent informal poll, teachers in the U.S. report that extended speaking and writing continue to be difficult for students. The causes can vary from student to student, but simple concrete steps can help learners across a broad spectrum.

Tania Saiz Sousa
Great Picks for Summer School! Part 2: Dictionaries
Tania Saiz-Sousa, Marketing Manager

With a level for every learner, the Longman dictionaries are built to be resources to support English language learners. They are true learner dictionaries with built in accommodations that build independent word learning strategies. 

John Brezinsky
"Why Did You Write That?": A Flexible Grammar Activity
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

Most teachers are really creative and could invent fun activities for every lesson they teach. But who has the time? This month's article is a downloadable exercise that you can use to practice different grammar points — and it only takes about 5 minutes to create.

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