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Oliva Fernandez
Why Side by Side Plus Works
Oliva Fernandez, Marketing Director, Adult and Higher Education

Side by Side, by Bill Bliss and Steven J. Molinsky, has helped more than 25 million students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners. Now Side by Side Plus — a special edition of Side by Side — builds students' general language proficiency and helps them apply these skills for success in daily life and work. Here's part 2 of the author's description of how Side by Side Plus works (adapted from a welcome message by the authors).

Student-Centered Learning

The core methodology of Side by Side Plus is the guided conversation — a brief, structured dialog that students practice in pairs and then use as a framework to create new conversations. Through this practice, students work together to develop their language skills "side by side." They are not dependent on the teacher for all instruction, and they know how to learn from each other. This student-centered methodology and the text's easy-to-use format enable students to study outside of class with any speaking partner — a family member, a friend or neighbor, a tutor, or a co-worker, even if that person is also an English language learner. If students need to attend class intermittently or "stop out" for a while, they have the skills and text material to continue learning on their own.

The "Fun Factor"

We believe that language instruction is most powerful when it is joyful. There is magic in the power of humor, fun, games, and music to encourage students to take risks with their emerging language, to "play" with it, and to allow their personalities to shine through as their language skills increase. We incorporate these elements into our program to motivate students to persist in their language learning not only because they need it, but also because they enjoy it.

Sufficient Practice + Frequent Assessment = Success

Students need to experience success as language learners. While other programs "cover" many learning objectives, Side by Side Plus offers students carefully sequenced intensive practice that promotes mastery and the successful application of language skills to daily life. Students can observe their achievement milestones through the program’s frequent assessments, including check-up tests and skills checklists in the text and achievement tests in the accompanying workbook. 

For more information about Side by Side Plus, please visit the Companion Website.

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