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Sharroky Hollie
Enhancing Learning through Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching
Sharroky Hollie, Author

Diversity in American classrooms today reflects the need for culturally and linguistically responsive instruction. Teaching students who speak non-standard languages offers an opportunity for this responsive instruction.

John Brezinsky
Integrating Online Components into Your Curriculum — Practical Advice
John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

In my conversations with instructors and administrators about online ESL software, a few issues are on many people's minds. One is how to take online software and make it part of the overall ESL curriculum. While there are no one-size-fits-all answers, several steps will help make this successful.

Kaye Wiley
Teaching the Full Range of Academic Vocabulary
Kaye Wiley, Author

What does research say about the explicit teaching of academic vocabulary to English Language Learners? How does that research relate to the real world of state test-prep for ELLs? Kaye Wiley discusses recent studies in vocabulary development and explicit practices that classroom teachers can use to target high-frequency academic words that appear on ELA reading passages.

Oliva Fernandez
Why Side by Side Plus Works
Oliva Fernandez, Marketing Director, Adult and Higher Education

Side by Side, by Bill Bliss and Steven J. Molinsky, has helped more than 25 million students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners. Now Side by Side Plus — a special edition of Side by Side — builds students' general language proficiency and helps them apply these skills for success in daily life and work. Here's part 2 of the author's description of how Side by Side Plus works.

Frances Boyd, NorthStar Series Editor

Carol Numrich, NorthStar Series Editor
Five Principles of Language Learning and Teaching
Frances Boyd and Carol NumrichNorthStar 3e Series Editors

What principles guide good language teaching? In this article, NorthStar Series Editors Frances Boyd and Carol Numrich lay out the core propositions that have informed their teaching and which form the base of the NorthStar series — now in its third edition.

Tania Saiz Sousa
Our New Dictionaries Website!
Tania Saiz-SousaMarketing Manager
Visit the newly updated website for Longman Dictionaries.

John Brezinsky
Students Improve What They Practice
(4 Rules for Teaching Grammar)

John Brezinsky, Higher Education Marketing Manager

Research and classroom experience show that learners make the best gains in the skills they practice the most. If you want your students to be better readers, they need to read more. Students who speak more will become more fluent speakers. The same is true for grammar and can be summarized by four rules.

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