How Do We Build Our Dictionaries?
The Longman Corpus

Tania Saiz-Sousa, Dictionaries Marketing Manager

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All Longman dictionaries are created using the Longman Corpus Network—a huge database of 330 million words from a wide range of real-life sources such as books, newspapers and magazines. All the information in our dictionaries, including example sentences, is based on this corpus so you see only real English, as it's really used.

Collocations and Idioms

Why do we usually say "a large amount," but "a big problem"? It’s not always easy for learners to know which words are most naturally used together. The Longman Corpus Network tells us which words often work together (collocations) and which words occur together so often that they work as a unit (idioms). Our dictionaries then pass this information on to learners in easy-to-understand formats.

Our Dictionaries Are Easy to Understand

Longman invented the Defining Vocabulary—2,000 of the most common words—in 1935. These 2,000 words are used to write the definitions in our dictionaries, so Longman definitions are always clear and easy to understand.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Longman dictionaries are written especially for learners, and we make sure that they get all the help they need to avoid common mistakes. Using the Longman Learner's Corpus—12 million words of students' essays and exam scripts—we analyze typical learners' mistakes and include notes on how to avoid them.

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