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Pearson Longman Announces New Solutions for Grades K-12

Pearson Longman now provides a full line of educational products for grades K-12. Two new multi-level programs, Longman Cornerstone (K-5) and Longman Keystone (6-12), designed for elementary and secondary English learners and struggling readers, build critical academic vocabulary and transferable skills.

Four Models for Online Learning

Thanks to the internet, students can access software that is available anywhere, anytime, without being tied down to a language lab. But how do you integrate online software into your curriculum? This article describes four models that may work for the students and teachers in your program.

Carol Brown Professional Development Online!

"One of the most invigorating things about teaching is that you never stop learning." (H.D. Brown, Teaching by Principles, Longman, 2007)

Pearson Longman's newest online course, Teacher Development Interactive, provides teachers with a solid foundation of the most current ELT teaching methodology as well as access to ongoing professional development—anytime, anywhere!

25 Million Students Can't Be Wrong

Side by Side has helped more than 25 million students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners. Now, in a special edition, Side by Side Plus builds students' general language proficiency and helps them apply these skills for success in daily life and work. 

Less Wasted Time—More Effective Writing Feedback

When was the last time you said, "Woo-Hoo! I have 25 essays to correct, and most of them have the same grammar mistakes repeated 37 times!" Fatigue from endless surface-level errors is the single biggest complaint from writing instructors. A new solution to this problem could save time for teachers and deliver better results from students.

How Do We Build Our Dictionaries?

All Longman dictionaries are compiled using the Longman Corpus Network – a huge database of 330 million words from a wide range of real-life sources such as books, newspapers and magazines. All the information in our dictionaries, including example sentences, is based on this corpus so you see only real English, as it is really used.

A Description of Grammar-Based Teaching

The Azar Grammar Series uses a Grammar-Based Teaching (GBT) approach. Betty Azar describes Grammar-Based Teaching, with some of the methodological considerations, assumptions, and practices of those who use this approach.

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