Printable Worksheets for Hey There!

Dear teacher:

As extra support for Hey There!, this website provides additional worksheets you can download and print whenever you need them. All worksheets are in PDF format.

For each level and split edition, there are three main areas:

  • Teacherís Resource Bank
  • Mixed-ability
  • Tests

The Teacherís Resource Bank contains a variety of photocopiable material. It includes the following worksheets:

  • Grammar consolidation and extension exercises
  • Vocabulary consolidation and extension exercises
  • Reading and writing activities

As the name implies, the worksheets in the Mixed-ability area address the issue of mixed-ability classes. This area consists of:

  • Reinforcement worksheets for students having difficulty cope with the Student Book lessons.
  • Consolidation worksheets for those who are on pace and coping comfortably with the Student Book lessons.
  • Extension worksheets are intended for fast learners who need additional work and need to be challenged.

The Tests area consists of photocopiable unit tests as well as final tests graded according to level of difficulty. Answer keys are included.

Happy teaching!

Click on a level to access the worksheets.

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