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"The Longman dictionaries enable me to prepare target vocabulary instruction efficiently and effectively. I rely heavily on these considerate learner dictionaries while preparing vocabulary instruction for adolescent English learners and under-prepared readers.
I can count on finding accessible definitions in a familiar language, complemented by an example or illustrative sentence within my students' experiential realm."

Kate Kinsella
Teacher Educator and Program Consultant
Faculty Member
San Francisco State University

About the Book

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About the Book

Meeting the Real Needs of Students

The world's best-selling learner dictionary of American English has been completely revised and updated! Still the only intermediate-level dictionary completely based on authentic spoken and written English, the Longman Dictionary of American English now offers even more outstanding features, including Thesaurus Boxes and a full-color picture dictionary.

Real Language

  • Completely revised and updated coverage, including terms from business, technology, and the media, ensure that students learn the most current language.
  • 52,000 words and phrases.
  • Interactive CD-ROM with full contents of the dictionary.
Real Clarity
  • The Longman Defining Vocabulary, limited to the 2,000 most common English words, guarantees that definitions are easy to understand.
  • 3,000 key words are highlighted so that students know exactly which words to learn first.
  • Easy-to-see signposts get students to the right meaning quickly!
Real Help
  • Fully integrated thesaurus explains thousands of synonyms and antonyms.
  • Spoken phrases are highlighted to help students differentiate between spoken and written forms.
  • Full-color picture dictionary brings words to life.
  • Learner's Handbook section contains Writing, Grammar, and Communication Guides to help with common errors and vocabulary acquisition.

Longman Dictionary of American English CD-ROM

The Longman Dictionary of American English CD-ROM contains the complete contents of the Longman Dictionary of American English.

  • Special recording function allows students to record and check their pronunciation.
  • Students can look up any word and get an instant definition and pronunciation of all examples.
  • Interactive reading and writing exercises provide extra practice.
  • An integrated photo dictionary allows users to find illustrations by topic.
  • TOEFL® Test practice exercises give students real-life test preparation.

Hardware Requirements
PC minimum requirements: 486 66MHZ Windows 95/98/NT, 16 Mb RAM. MPC compatible. Audio board (e.g. Soundblaster) Quad speed CD-ROM drive.

MAC minimum requirements: 68040 CPU, 8MB RAM, 8-bit, 256-color display. Dual speed CD-ROM.

Also available:

Longman Dictionary of American English Workbook

Students learn and practice specific dictionary skills, including finding words, understanding pronunciation, understanding meaning and usage, and learning about grammar. This new Workbook has completely new exercises based on the new edition of the dictionary. A new section shows how the Thesaurus can help with vocabulary building.

Longman Dictionary of American English Teacher's Companion
The Teacher's Companion provides great activities for listening/speaking, reading, writing, and grammar classwork.

Components Listing

Longman Dictionary of American English, Third Edition

Paper with CD-ROM 0-13-170344-7
Paper without CD-ROM 0-13-192762-0
Hardcover with CD-ROM 0-13-170343-9
Hardcover without CD-ROM 0-13-192764-7
CD-ROM 0-13-183791-5
Teacher's Companion
Workbook 0-13-182425-2

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