Literacy Plus A
For students who are not literate in any language and who know no English

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  • The Student Book has 10 units, with alternating Literacy and Survival Language lessons. Each lesson is two pages long.
  • A tinted TEACHER box at the bottom of each page clearly and simply lists for the teacher the new content on that page.
  • The Literacy pages teach students the basic steps from holding a pencil to moving from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.
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Teacher's Edition page
Worksheet for page 61
  • The wraparound Teacher's Edition:
    • contains daily lesson plans, teaching instructions, and complete tapescripts.
    • comes with a CD-ROM with Extra Practice Worksheets, Performance-Based Achievement Tests, and a Placement Test.
  • Worksheets give students the opportunity to practice the literacy concepts they learned in class.
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  • All Survival Language is presented through illustrated and recorded model conversations.
  • Embedded in these essential conversational models are the lifeskills necessary for daily community, family, and workplace life.
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Teacher's Edition page
Flash cards for page 63
  • The Teacher's Edition provides at-a-glance tapescripts of all recorded material on the Student's Book page.
  • Flashcards: Black line masters permit a constant variety of presentation and reinforcement of vocabulary, letters, and numbers. The Flashcards are free with the Teacher's Edition.
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  • Each unit has an Authentic Practice page. Students listen to a recorded conversation and then respond with language they know.
  • Each unit also has a Literacy Review.
  • Survival / Civics Review: Each unit ends with a full-page illustration especially created to prompt oral review of all language taught (vocabulary and conversational survival language) in the unit.

The CD-ROM packaged with the Teacher's Edition also contains three Achievement Tests for every unit:

  • Test 1 reviews literacy concepts introduced in the unit.
  • Test 2 assesses students' receptive communication of new vocabulary and survival language.
There is also a listening-speaking test.