Longman English Assessment

Longman English Assessment is a computer-based test of English language proficiency. The assessment measures levels of ability in reading, listening, and written structures.


  • Constructed by academic experts in assessment.
  • Based on theory and research in applied linguistics.
  • Piloted for item selection.
  • Separate tests for each skill area: reading, listening, and written structures.
  • Initial screening to direct learners to the appropriate testing level: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Immediate results and personalized learning strategies following each test.
Longman English Assessment ISBN
Network License 0-13-184354-0
CD-ROM Multipacks Available in U.S. only:
CD-ROM 5-pack 0-13-184657-4
CD-ROM 10-pack 0-13-184658-2
CD-ROM 20-pack 0-13-184660-4

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