Focus on Grammar Interactive
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Five Levels: Introductory–Advanced

Ellen Shaw, Level 1
Samuela Eckstut, Heather Ordover, Level 2
Margaret Bonner, Marjorie Fuchs, Ellen Shaw, Level 3
Margaret Bonner, Marjorie Fuchs, Ellen Shaw, Level 4
Jay Maurer, Level 5

The all-new Focus on Grammar Interactive CD-ROMs mirror the syllabus of the best-selling textbook series, Focus on Grammar, now available in a newly revised third edition.

Clear, contextualized, and interactive, this five-level CD-ROM program provides a communicative review of English grammar that covers all language skills through a comprehensive, motivating, and fun practice of the grammar points and skills introduced in the Focus on Grammar Student Books.


  • Abundant contextualized exercises—including grammar, reading, listening, dictation, and speaking activities—provide students with extensive and meaningful lab practice.
  • Target structures are presented in full reading and listening passages to help students discover the grammar.
  • Dictation exercises provide students with controlled listening and writing practice.
  • Speaking exercises give students the opportunity for further oral practice of the vocabulary, grammatical structures, and themes introduced in the unit.
  • Review quizzes and reports help students monitor their own progress and work.
  • The Network version has a "completion" report that shows how many activities each student has completed, plus the combined scores of all activities completed by each student.
  • Additional exercises for remedial practice are provided for each grammar point so that students can work on improving weaker areas.
  • A new From Grammar to Writing section provides students with additional writing practice based on unit topics through a series of controlled exercises leading to authentic pieces of writing that can be submitted for grading.
  • Automated feedback, such as hints and explanations, provides learner support and motivates students.
  • Engaging games provide fun opportunities to review key structures.
  • Additional support is provided by a wide range of easy-to-access resources, including grammar charts, grammar notes, glossaries, and appendices.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4
  • Non-English Windows 2000 systems require the Professional edition
  • Pentium II processor 400+ MHz
  • 128+ MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • 16-bit graphics card
  • Monitor resolution of 800 x 600 or higher
  • Sound card, microphone, and speakers
  • 10X CD-ROM drive
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (Note: Netscape and AOL browser software software not supported.)
  • Macromedia’s Flash 8 plug-in (Note: If your computer does not have this plug-in, an Internet connection is required for installation.)
  • Sun’s Java 1.5.0_06 plug-in (Note: If your computer does not have this plug-in, they will be installed automatically when you install the course.)
  • Lab Workstation Version only: Disk space for saving student data (floppy, flash memory, hard drive)
  • Network version only: 10 Mbps (or faster) local area network (LAN)



Focus on Grammar Interactive 1 ISBN
CD-ROM Program 0-13-147474-X
5-pack 0-13-147479-0
10-pack 0-13-147478-2
20-pack 0-13-147476-6
Network license 0-13-147477-4
Installable version 0-13-179067-6
Single User CD-ROM
(Not for Sale in the U.S.)
Focus on Grammar Interactive 2 ISBN
CD-ROM Program 0-13-189965-1
5-pack 0-13-189966-X
10-pack 0-13-189967-8
20-pack 0-13-189969-4
Network license 0-13-189970-8
Installable version 0-13-230339-6
Single User CD-ROM
(Not for Sale in the U.S.)
Focus on Grammar Interactive 3 ISBN
CD-ROM Program 0-13-190003-X
5-pack 0-13-190002-1
10-pack 0-13-190001-1
20-pack 0-13-189999-5
Network license 0-13-189997-1
Installable version 0-13-179068-4
Single User CD-ROM
(Not for Sale in the U.S.)
Focus on Grammar Interactive 4 ISBN
CD-ROM Program 0-13-191316-6
5-pack 0-13-191317-4
10-pack 0-13-191318-2
20-pack 0-13-191320-4
Network license 0-13-191322-0
Installable version 0-13-224369-5
Single User CD-ROM
(Not for Sale in the U.S.)
Focus on Grammar Interactive 5 ISBN
CD-ROM Program 0-13-191323-9
5-pack 0-13-191324-7
10-pack 0-13-191325-5
20-pack 0-13-191327-1
Network license 0-13-191328-X
Installable version 0-13-243889-5
Single User CD-ROM
(Not for Sale in the U.S.)


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