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About MyNorthStarLab

MyNorthStarLab supports students with individualized instruction, feedback, and extra help.

A wide array of resources, including a flexible gradebook, helps teachers manage student progress.



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Readiness Check
For each unit, MyNorthStarLab provides a Readiness Check that assesses student knowledge before beginning the unit. Based on the student’s performance, the Readiness Check provides individualized instruction to get the student ready for the unit.

Wide Range of Activities
Student book material and new practice activities are available online.

Interaction with the Internet and video expands students’ knowledge of the topic, and helps students practice new vocabulary and grammar.

Integrated Skills
Integrated Skills Activities challenge students to bring together the language skills and critical thinking skills they have practiced throughout the unit.

The MyNorthStarLab Assessment tools allow instructors to customize and deliver achievement tests online.

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