Internet Activities
Instructions to Teachers

Unit 10: Theme: MARRIAGE

WEB ACTIVITY: Plan an "international" wedding.



  • To learn about wedding customs in various cultures
  • To do a group presentation or make a poster about wedding customs
  • To practice the correct use of articles


  1. Activate students' knowledge. Ask questions such as:
    • Has anyone gotten married or attended a wedding recently? What sort of ceremony was it (traditional, modern, Western, etc.)? What customs were followed (white dress, red dress, flowers, etc.)?
    • Have you ever attended a wedding for people from a culture different than yours? What unique customs were followed?

  2. Introduce the task: Tell students they are going to do research on the wedding customs of a particular culture. They will then meet with other students who researched that culture and combine their information. They will use the combined information to make a presentation to the class.

  3. Assign each student a culture to research. The website has articles on the cultures listed below. You may only want to assign 3 or 4 different cultures, depending on the number of students in your class. In the end, you will want 3 or more students working on each culture.

    African-American Christian French German
    Greek Orthodox Hindu Hungarian Irish
    Jewish Muslim Quaker Sikh

  4. Preview vocabulary.

  5. Distribute copies of the Student Worksheet. Click here for the Student Handout. Go over the instructions with the students.

  6. Remind students that they are going to the website just to get information for the activity. They should not give out any personal or credit card information.

  7. If possible, go to the lab with the students. While students are working, circulate and help with vocabulary and writing.

  8. Remind students to bring their completed worksheets to the next class.

  9. In class speaking task:
  • Create groups of students who researched the same culture. Students share information from their worksheets and compile a master list of wedding customs from that culture. As groups are working, you may wish to circulate and monitor students' use of articles.
  • Students work together to present their culture's wedding customs to the class. Each student must present part of the information.
  • Encourage listening students to ask questions

    In class writing task:
  • Create groups of students who researched the same culture. Students share information from their worksheets and create a poster with pictures and information about the wedding customs from that culture.
  • Students should circulate and read the posters about each culture's wedding customs.
  • Students may then write a paragraph describing their ideal wedding, including one ore more customs chosen from their classmates' posters.


Yahoo!: Wedding Traditions and Customs