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Capture your students’ attention with the new edition of Postcards, the popular four-level American English program for teenage students. Postcards will give your students the opportunity to achieve success through engaging activities, numerous readings, carefully sequenced grammar practice, projects, games, and more!

Postcards creates successful classrooms through:

  • Dialogues and photostories that engage students' interest and imagination
  • Grammar practice and communicative activities that enable students to use English with confidence
  • Pair and group activities that encourage student interaction
  • Projects that provide opportunities for in-depth self-expression
  • Games and Fun with Grammar activities that bring pleasure to the classroom
  • Focus on Culture and Wide Angle on the World sections that develop students' cross-cultural awareness
  • Teacher's Edition that provides robust teacher support with focus on multiple intelligences, cross-curricular, and home/school connection activities
  • Language Booster (Workbook plus Grammar Builder), DVD program, Test Generator, and Posters that create a complete package for successful teaching

New to Postcards, Second Edition

  • Discovering Grammar encourages students to learn grammar inductively
  • Practicing Grammar provides extensive practice in a variety of contexts
  • Teen Talk facilitates unstructured, relaxed conversations on favorite topics
  • Learn to Learn provides learning strategies students can immediately apply
  • Fun with Songs gives students the chance to work cooperatively on favorite songs
  • Test-taking Tips coach students on how to perform successfully on tests


Student Book
12 units focusing on listening, speaking, and writing as well as a complete grammar section and abundant practice. Split editions available for levels 1-3.

Language Booster

Combines a Workbook with a Grammar Builder – ensuring plenty of extra practice in vocabulary building, grammar, and communication skills.

Interleaved Teacher’s Edition

Provides unit by unit lesson plans including teaching suggestions, photocopiable tests, and ideas for incorporating the teaching of values. A grammar reference section allows teachers to have grammar charts and explanations at hand in class.

Audio Program

Contains all recorded materials from the Student Book.


Six colorful posters per level, which further illustrate key terms from the Student Book.

Test Generator

Allows teachers to create tests from existing question banks as well as customize tests for their own classroom needs.


Provides students with the opportunity to listen to natural spoken English. DVD 1 coordinates with Student Books 1 and 2; DVD 2 coordinates with Student Books 3 and 4.

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