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Your students will want to know the latest American teen slang.  Here’s just a sampling of words, IM abbreviations, and emoticons.  We’ll update this page every month.

Cool Words

definition: an invitation that is made after an invitation to another event was already made; it overlaps with time of the original invitation.

I was going to ask some friends to go for pizza but I don’t want to overvite Karen’s birthday party.

definition: if something is cool, another teen will say "Way", meaning they agree, and then some.

A: That new TV show rocks [is really good].
B: Way!

word out
definition: to indicate you are ending a conversation.

Hey, I’m outtahere, word out.

IM [Instant Messaging Abbreviations]

TMI    =  too much information
NUFF   =  enough said


Sideways emoticons (turn your head sideways to see them):

<>    for “yawn” (in response to a boring message)
@@@@ :-)   for “Marge Simpson”

Straight-on emoticons:

(*_*)   for “frightened” (or “in love”)

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