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Teacher Support Links

These sites provide additional information related to a theme of each unit. Some of the sites have printable materials that can be used in class.

Many of the forms listed here are in PDF format, which is readable by Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. The Reader is available as a free download; click here for information on downloading the program.

Unit 1 Your life

Telemarketer complaint forms
Print out one of these telemarketer complaint forms for more practice (all in PDF format):

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint form
The FTC has an online complaint form (as mentioned on page 9 of the Workplace Plus Student Book).

FTC fact sheet
Teach students the Straight Talk About Telemarketing. Print out and discuss this four-page fact sheet from the Federal Trade Commission. (PDF format)

Applications for volunteers
These sites provide applications for volunteers. Print out the one you feel is most appropriate for your class (all in PDF format):

Information about volunteering
Links to two sites mentioned on page 11 of the Student Book:

Unit 2 The community

Downloadable lease forms
Print out one of these residential leases for practice renting a house or apartment (all in PDF format):

Housing code checklists
Teach students to identify housing safety violations. Print out and distribute one of these housing code checklists (both in PDF format):

Tenants' Rights
Use one of these sites to review with your students the rights of tenants:

Apartment/house hunting checklists
Print out one of these checklists and have students practice apartment or house hunting (PDF).

The Fair Housing Act

Recognizing housing discrimination
Help students recognize and report housing discrimination. Print and discuss the brochure "Are You a Victim of Housing Discrimination?," from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (PDF format)

Housing discrimination form
Go to the HUD site to download the form mentioned on page 25 of the Student Book:


Unit 3 Technology

How to respond when stopped by the police

Accident reports
These sites offer Accident Report Forms that students can use to practice describing an accident (all in PDF format):

If you are involved in an automotive accident
This fact sheet from the National Safety Council offers tips about what to do when involved in an accident.

Defensive driving

Print and discuss defensive driving tips with your students:


Unit 4 The consumer world

Hotel amenities
Encourage students to discuss hotel amenities, services, and features with these hotel brochures:

Hotel registration forms
Choose one of these hotel registration forms for your students (all in PDF format):

Information about travel fraud

Room service menus
For more practice ordering room service, print and discuss one of these room service menus:


Unit 5 Time

Daily planners
Encourage students to use one of these daily/weekly planners to write their appointments (all in PDF format):

Time management tips
Each of these sites offers tips on time management. Choose the list you think is best for your students (all in PDF format):

To-Do lists
Choose one of these printable to-do lists for your students to complete:

Library cards and overdue fines

Unit 6 Supplies and services

Consumer information about insurance
The websites for these organizations are given on page 80 of the Student Book:

Consumers' rights
This brochure from the Ohio Attorney General's office outlines the rights of consumers to auto repair/service estimates. (PDF format)

Insurance claim forms
Have students practice filling out insurance claim forms. Print and distribute the insurance form most appropriate for your class (all in PDF format):

When disaster strikes
These brochures provide information on how to file a claim when a fire, storm, or other event causes damage to a house or apartment (both documents in PDF format):

Auto insurance claim forms
Encourage students to use one of these insurance forms to practice filing auto claims (both in PDF format):

Unit 7 Relationships

Discussing controversial issues
Help students discuss the pros and cons of controversial social issues. These lists can provide some ideas for student discussion:

Civil liberties
Encourage students to learn more about civil liberties and what to do in case of arrest. Print and discuss one of these resources:

The Constitution of the United States
The Constitution is available from a number of websites:

Glossary of legal terms
The U.S. Department of Justice site, mentioned on page 95 of the Student Book, provides a good glossary of legal terms.


Unit 8 Health and safety

Statistics about overweight and obesity
"Statistics Related to Overweight and Obesity," in the National Institutes of Health website, is mentioned on page 106 of the Student Book:

Food nutrition labels
Encourage your students to test their knowledge of food nutrition labels. Have them take this quiz from the FDA. (PDF format)

Facts about weight loss

Food pyramid


Unit 9 Money

Work-at-home schemes
These brochures offer advice about work-at-home schemes. Choose the brochure you think works best for your class (all in PDF format):

Credit unions
Here is the link to the National Credit Union Administration website, mentioned on page 121 of the Student Book.

Credit union applications
Have your students practice applying for membership to a credit union. Choose one of these application forms (all in PDF format):

Loan application forms
These sites offer downloadable loan application forms (PDF format):

Payday loans


Unit 10 Your career

Job application forms
Encourage students to practice filling out job applications and employment history with one of these forms (all in PDF format):

Tips for writing resumes
These sites feature more tips for writing a winning resume:

Useful vocabulary for resumes
Help students develop vocabulary for their resumes. Print and distribute one of these lists:

Sample resumes
Discuss other resumes with your students. Choose from these examples.

Functional resumes

Here are downloadable examples of functional resumes (all in PDF format):

Chronological resumes
Here are downloadable examples of chronological resumes (all in PDF format):