Contemporary Topics 3

Links and Keywords for Additional Research

You can use these links to find more information about the topics of each unit in Contemporary Topics 3.

When you are doing a search for other sites or through other reference books, the keywords for each unit will get you started.

Unit 1          Slang: Talking Cool


This website provides a list of American idiomatic expressions and what they mean.

Buzzwhack is a humorous site that lists and explains popular "buzzwords."

The following site has an interactive activity that allows students to guess the meaning of various slang words.

Slanguage is a humorous site that features the slang of specific cities across America and the world.

Keywords: slang, modern slang, slang dictionary

Unit 2          Murphy's Law


This site discusses the probability theory and provides a list of links for further study.

Learn the history of mathematical notation.

Click on topics to read specific Murphy's Laws.

This site features an extensive list of Murphy's Laws and corollaries. Click on the link to learn where Murphy's Law originated.

Learn how to calculate percentages and probabilities.

Keywords: probability theory, Murphy's Law, probability + gambling, math + gambling

Unit 3          Types of Memory


This site provides several games that test your memory with letters and numbers.

This site features a memory game with letters.

The Exploratorium site provides and in-depth look at the brain and how memory works. Available too are games and articles for further study.

Learn about the three kinds of memory: semantic, procedural, and episodic.

Keywords: kinds of memory, memory test, psychology + memory

Unit 4          Actions Speak Louder Than Words


This site features a comprehensive dictionary of American Sign Language.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view links for articles, organizations, and other resources related to nonverbal communication.

This site features the Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues. Entries include an image, definition, and usage information.

Keywords: body language, American Sign Language, body language dictionary, non-verbal communication, communication + body language

Unit 5          Marriage: Traditions and Trends


Read about the role of aunts in arranged marriages in India.

The following site has a wealth of information on interracial marriages and people of mixed race.

Read about wedding traditions around the world.

Learn the meanings of popular wedding traditions.

Keywords: arranged marriage, marriage traditions, international marriage trends, interracial marriage, multicultural marriage

Unit 6          Black Holes, White Holes, and Wormholes


Google provides a comprehensive list of links related to Quantum Mechanics and superstrings.

Click on topics to learn more about quantum mechanics.

Learn about Stephen Hawking, his research, and his lectures.

Visit PBS's site to learn more about "Stephen Hawking's Universe."

Keywords: theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking, quantum theory, grand unified theory of relativity

Unit 7          Animal Talk


Learn more about what animal behaviorists are, and what they do.

Learn what one non-profit organization is doing to study the communication of endangered animals.

Learn how animals use scent to communicate.

Visit the website of Interspecies, Inc. to learn how whales and dolphins communicate through music.

Read about the high level of sophistication involved in animal communication.

Keywords: animal communication, primates + language, pheromones, chemical communication

Unit 8          Gender Differences in Language


Read about how differently men and women express themselves in verbal discussions.

The following website provides a concise fact sheet that lists the differences in the way men and women communicate at the workplace.

Read an interview with Deborah Tannen, author of You Just Don't Understand.

Keywords: Deborah Tannen, gender + communication differences, men + women + communication style

Unit 9          Fashion and Status


The "Fashion History" section of has numerous links to sites on the history of women's fashion, organized by time period and by topic.

Read about the great designers of French haute couture.

Visit this site to learn about shoes in the 20th Century.

Read about the history of shoes, from the Ancient Egyptians to modern days.

Keywords: fashion trends, haute couture, history of fashion, guide to fashion, history + shoes

Unit 10          The Making of Genius


Read more on the debate over nature vs. nurture, and whether free will exists in our lives.

Read more about different learning styles and the multiple intelligences.

Read a discussion about whether athletes are limited by genetics or by upbringing.

The Surfaquarium has more information on multiple intelligences.

Keywords: nature vs. nurture, multiple intelligences, sports + natural talent, upbringing + performance

Unit 11          The New Global Superculture


Learn what Global Exchange, a non-profit organization, is doing to encourage countries to democratize the global economy.

Read an introduction to globalization.

Read an article that discusses the pro's and con's of globalization in South Asia.

Visit the website of the Globalization Research Center, an organization whose goal is to identify and analyze the social, political, economic, and cultural transformations that characterize globalization.

Keywords: globalization, internationalization, global economy, international community

Unit 12          Computer Security


Read this guide to Internet safety, privacy, and security.

Read a series of articles about online security.

Read about common computer viruses and what they will do to your system.

Learn what cyberstalking is and how to report it.

Keywords: computer security, computer viruses, hacking prevention, Internet protection