What A Life!     Beginning

Teacher support: Web links

Looking for more information about some of the amazing people in What A Life! Beginning? These links will bring you to sites with lots of interesting material on each person. You can use these extra facts and stories to give your students a deeper understanding about the personalities in the book. You can also use these sites to create additional class activities.

Unit 1
William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Online has a detailed biography of Shakespeare plus many other resources, including plots summaries and an online forum for asking questions about Shakespeare. Created by Amanda Mabillard.

  • In addition to a biography and a timeline, Absolute Shakespeare provides more than 130 famous quotes from Shakespeare's works and a page of trivia about Shakespeare.

Unit 2
Louis XIV
  • The official site for Versailles palace features a biography of Louis XIV and description of daily life at court.

  • The Louis XIV site by Elena Steingrad has a detailed biography of the king, plus background information on women in Louis XIV's time, the French court, castles, art, politics, religion, and war.

Unit 3
Florence Nightingale

Unit 4
Emily Dickinson
  • The Emily Dickinson page in American Poems includes a biography and links to more than 500 poems.

  • The Virtual Emily site from The University of Massachusetts details Dickinson's life, work, and family.

Unit 5
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  • The Tchaikovsky site from Classical Music Pages has a biography, list of works, picture gallery, and information about Tchaikovsky's symphonies and concertos.

  • Go to Gretchen Mann's Tchaikovsky site for a biography, two timelines (a comprehensive one and a concise one), a description of Tchaikovsky's life as a composer, and a list of works.

Unit 6
Marie Curie

Unit 7
Madam C.J. Walker
  • The Madame C.J. Walker site provides information on ordering Madame Walker books. It also has a biography and an extensive bibliography of books, articles, and videos.

  • The Villa Lewaro site describes Madame Walker's house in Irvington, NY. The site includes an online lesson plan, "Two American Entrepreneurs: Madam C.J. Walker and J.C. Penney." Part of the site "Places Where Women Made History," from the National Park Service.

Unit 8
Albert Einstein
  • The NOVA website "Einstein Revealed" has a wealth of information related to Einstein and his work. It also has a Teacher's Guide and a list of recommended Einstein sites.

  • The American Institute of Physics has an extensive site dedicated to Einstein. It begins with his formative years and ends with his death in 1955. Included is Einstein's article, "The World as I See it."

Unit 9
Pablo Picasso
  • The Online Picasso Project features a year-by-year biography of Picasso and an extensive archive of his work.

  • Artchive divides Picasso's life into nine distinct periods, each described by the style of work Picasso used during that time.

Unit 10
John Paul Getty
Oil executive
  • Learn about the legacy of John Paul Getty at the Getty Museum. Tour the museum and view permanent collections and recent exhibitions.

  • Biography.com offers an extensive biography of John Paul Getty as well as some related links.

Unit 11
Oseola McCarty
  • In "The Gift" site from the University of Southern Mississippi, learn about McCarty's gift to the university and the scholarship that carries her name.

  • Read a transcription of McCarty's essay "Living the Clean, Clean Life," one of 41 essays in her book The Power of Character. From the Josephson Institute of Ethics.

Click here for Terry Fox (international Edition).

Unit 12
Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Unit 13
Minoru Yamasaki

Unit 14
Akio Morita

Unit 15
Maria Callas
Opera singer
  • The English-language website from the Associazione Culturale Maria Callas is a tremendous resource of information. It includes photographs, a biography, a discography, and a chance to hear Callas's voice.
  • The Maria Callas page from EMI Classics features a biography, discography, and a selection of compliments people have paid to Callas.

Unit 16
César Chávez
  • The Las Culturas site has a detailed biography of Chávez, a chronology of his achievements, and links for further study.

  • The official site of the United Farm Workers includes a biography of Chávez, transcripts of his speeches, and a seven-minute QuickTime movie.

Click Here for Fazil Say (International Edition).

Unit 17
Anne Frank

Unit 18
Roberto Clemente
Baseball player

Unit 19
Jane Goodall

Unit 20
Soccer player

Unit 21
Muhammad Ali

Unit 22
Anita Roddick
  • Great Entrepreneurs from My Prime Time has a detailed biography of Anita Roddick.

  • Read a BBC article about Anita Roddick and her retirement from Body Shop in 2002.

Unit 23
Maya Lin
  • The PBS site Art in the Twenty-First Century has a brief biography of Maya Lin as well as photos of some of her architectural designs.

  • In the Ohio Biography site, learn about the life of Maya Lin and follow the links to tour the Vietnam Memorial.

Unit 24
Princess Diana
  • The official site of the British Royal family includes a biography of the late Princess Diana as well as a description of her public role.

  • The BBCAmerica site includes a biography, photos, information on the charities supported by Princess Diana, and a virtual tour of her childhood home.

Unit 25
Wang Yani
  • The Artist Hero site has a brief description of Wang's history as an artist, and talks about the two styles of Chinese painting. From the My Hero Project.

  • Asia Art has information about Chinese brush painting, the style adopted by Wang Yani.