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Big English Teacher's Edition Tour


Big English Student Book 1
Student Book

Activities present key language in context, motivating learners to not only understand but acquire it. Examples include songs, stories, sticker activities, content language, and values lessons. Think Big activities help students develop 21st Century Skills. 4-page Checkpoints after every three units focus on Assessment for Learning and provide opportunities for students to assess their own progress. Includes a CYLET preparation section at the back of the book.

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6

Big English Level 1 Scope and Sequence
Scope and Sequence

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6

Big English Level 3 Workbook sample
Workbook with Audio CD

The Workbook provides engaging additional practice for each lesson in the Student Book.

Level 3

Big English Level 3 Teacher's Edition
Teacherís Edition

Comprehensive overview of each unit, step-by-step Lesson Plans, activities and ideas, a game bank, audio scripts, answer keys, and notes for using the YLE Practice Materials found at the end of each Student Book. Assessment for Learning techniques and ideas for developing 21st Century Skills are incorporated throughout each Lesson Plan.

Level 3

Big English Audio CD
Audio CD

Audio CDs contain listening activities, songs, unit stories and CLIL readings.

Listen to Big English Theme song

Big English Audio CD
Assessment Package

The Assessment Package includes an overview of language assessment for young children, as well as: placement tests, practice tests, unit tests, mastery tests, final exams, materials for oral assessment, and the ExamView® Assessment Suite, an easy-to-use test generating software.

Big English Level 3 ActiveTeach
Student CD-ROM

Student CD-ROM has interactive activities and games for extra practice. It also includes songs, including karaoke versions for students to share what they have learned at home.

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Big English Level 3 ActiveTeach

This digital tool allows teachers to focus class attention on key targets using the iWB and also includes helpful resources such as DVD clips with Video Guide and Teacherís Resource materials.

Big English Level 3 DVD

Theme-based video clips with CLIL segments (documentaries) and dramatic segments. An accompanying Video Guide can be found in the Active Teach.

Watch DVD clip

Big English Audio CD
Picture Cards

Perfect for big classes, extra-large cards illustrate target vocabulary.

Picture card

Big English Level 3 Grammar poster

Nine thematically-related teaching posters elicit and review target language. Three grammar posters for classroom display provide on-the-spot reference for learners.

Unit poster | Grammar poster