Big English Levels 1-6

Share in your students’ success. Watch them excel in English.

Big English prepares students for the many challenges of today’s world:
  • CLIL: because students are learning English and so much more
  • 21st Century Skills: because students want to get ahead and be prepared for the world around them
  • Assessment for Learning: because students need confidence to lead them to success
Think Big! Dream Big! Big English!

Big English is a new, six-level primary program that engages students with fun, exciting topics and prepares them to become productive citizens of the world. The program builds on the high-quality, best-practices pedagogy found in Backpack together with a variety of new and updated features. In addition to a balanced integrated skills approach to instruction, the course includes a CLIL strand and an emphasis on 21st century skills, challenging students to be creative, to think critically and to collaborate with their classmates. The groundbreaking lesson plans, infused with Assessment for Learning techniques, help teachers pinpoint areas where students require extra practice and encourage students to become independent, effective learners. With its bright, fresh look and fun, photo-filled pages, Big English believes every child, everywhere, should have the chance to think BIG, dream BIG, and win BIG!!

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Best suited to classes with anywhere between 4 and 8 hours of English each week, Big English is perfect for teachers looking for a well-balanced approach that includes ready-made CLIL lessons and a focus on the 21st Century skills development. For teachers who recognize the importance of ongoing assessment, and who want to involve their students in the learning process.

And for teachers looking to incorporate technology into their classroom?
Big English provides the very best of technology without the headaches, giving teachers the freedom and time to focus on what they do best, teach! Big English does all the preparation work, helping teachers get the most out of every lesson, every student.