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Please print this page before going to the company's website.



Find answers to these questions.
 1. Burson-Marsteller describes its business as `perception management'. What does this term mean?
 2. In how many countries does Burson-Marsteller have offices? Where is the nearest one to you?
 3. When and where was the company started?
 4. Why, in Burson-Marsteller's opinion, do companies choose to work with them?

 5. Name three 'emerging markets' that Burson-Marsteller is working in. What do you think this expression means?

 6. What is the 'Alumi Center'? What is its purpose?

 7. What does the company want your opinions on?

What do you think?
 1. What do you like about the website? What do you not like?

 2. What piece of information particularly interests you?