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Please print this page before going to the company's website.



Find answers to these questions.
 1. How many countries does Olivetti operate in?
 2. What was the name of Olivetti's first Italian typewriter?
 3. What four stages describe the history of Olivetti?
  1. 2.
  3. 4.
 4. Find the names of these people at Olivetti:
  The Chairman
  The Chief Executive Officer
 5. Who designed the current Olivetti logo (trademark)?
 6. What are the names of the main companies in the Olivetti Group?
 7. Is the financial performance of the Olivetti Group improving?
 8. How many people worked for the Olivetti Group in 1992? How many work for the company now?
What do you think?
 1. What do you like about the website? What do you not like?

 2. What piece of information particularly interests you?