StudentsĒ Book with ActiveBook


Cosmic B1, B1+ and B2 StudentsĒ Books provide:

  • Fresh, lively and fun material that engages teenage students under pressure to achieve exam success
  • Wide-ranging cross-cultural topics approached from a variety of angles
  • Preparation for multiple exams while covering the Common European Framework language syllabus
  • Strong focus on systematic vocabulary development
  • Plenty of grammar revision, testing and skills practice
  • Thorough recycling of grammar and vocabulary throughout each unit
  • Extra Use your English sections
  • Extra Grammar and Writing Reference Files at the back of the book
  • The StudentsĒ Active Book, a fully digital e-Book version of the StudentsĒ Book includes lots of fun interactive games that endorse language acquisition

Download sample pages of Cosmic B1, B1+, B2 Students’ Books:

Cosmic B1, B1+ and B2 Active Books:

  • Free for every student, packaged together with the StudentsĒ book
  • All StudentsĒ Book exercises in interactive activity format
  • Audio for all the reading texts
  • Extra practice through fun interactive games
  • Dictionary pop-ups with pronunciation audio


Cosmic delivers on multiple levels - from General English to Exam Preparation - all wrapped up in one 'simple-to-teach' package.