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Extract from the spoken component of the British National Corpus

Conversation in sitting room between two couples, 60s, talking about holiday TV programmes

Click Here (360Kb WAV) to listen to the sample of Corpus text

Speaker 1 :  We've just been watching [Saga]

Speaker 2 :  [Saga]

Speaker 1 :  on the holiday [programme].

Speaker 3 [oh really, I videoed it].

Speaker 1 : Twenty-eight days in Fuengirola for er [two hundred and ninety-eight pounds].

Speaker 2 [[unclear]] works out at twelve pound or [eighteen pound a]

Speaker 1 eighteen pound a day] - that [includes your flight and everything].

Speaker 4 [with Saga]

Speaker 2 [everything].

Speaker 3 Isn't it a shame that that nice girl's coming off it what's her name?

Speaker 1 Anne Gregg.

Speaker 3 [Yes].

Speaker 2 [[unclear] to them] she's lovely.

Speaker 3 Stupid, [I mean she's so attractive].

Speaker 1 [[unclear] got that David Frost].

Speaker 2 And that other bloke who's on there, Robinson.

Speaker 3 [I shall write up and complain].

Speaker 1 [Yeah Robert Robinson,] he's gone to [Hong Kong].

Speaker 2 [She is so lovely]

Speaker 3 [I can't] stand Robert Robinson, but [Anne Gregg is so attractive].

Speaker 4 That's right.

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