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Dictionaries for Research

Longman is the foremost supplier of electronic dictionaries and thesauruses for language research.

If you would like to use any of the Longman dictionaries and thesauruses for research purposes, please send a complete application form.


The procedure for obtaining a dictionary for academic research is as follows:


Send us an application form with details of yourself and the project(s) for which you wish to use the dictionary.

Applicants should send a full description of all the research projects for which they wish to use the data, together with the names, qualifications, and academic backgrounds of those researchers to be named on the Schedule to the contract. We need this information so that we can decide whether or not to allow you to have a copy of the database. Databases are available for commercial organizations, and details of cost are available on request.

We also request information on the nature of your organisation funding. Please give basic details on whether your organization is government funded or privately funded. If your research unit is doing research for government, military, or commercial sponsors, please state this, and provide details if you can.

We will write back usually within a week to say whether your application has been accepted.

A licence agreement will be drawn up and sent to you for signature.

The purpose of the contract is to prevent the database from passing into the hands of our competitors, by which we mean all other publishers, but also software houses and other organisations using language-orientated computers for profit. Secondly we have negotiated and are negotiating commercial applications of the database, and the resulting agreements are, of course, stringently binding on both sides, particularly over copyright.

On receipt of the signed licence and fee we will dispatch the data and documentation to you immediately.

Application Form