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At Longman Dictionaries we’re always on the lookout for new words or new meanings of existing words which have entered the English language. In order to ensure that Longman Dictionaries are as up-to-date as possible, we would like your help in this.

If you read any new or unusual words that you haven’t seen before, please send them into us by filling in the form below.

Email address:


New word (or new meaning):
Example of sentence in which the word was used (please give enough of the context the word was used in to make the meaning clear):
Name of book, magazine, etc, in which the word was used: 
If you saw the word on a website, please add the URL here:
Date of use of word:
Comments on the meaning or use of word:

You never know … you might see your new word in the next edition of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Click here for more information.


By submitting your entry, you agree to the use of your comments by Pearson Education Limited (encompassing Pearson Longman ELT) in promotional materials on- and off-line: if you do not wish Pearson Education Limited to use your comments, please tick here