About English in Common

Teaching and learning are unpredictable experiences. Learners can be energized and engaged in one lesson and then tired or demotivated the next. The goal of English in Common is two-fold: first, to set new standards through its transparency of purpose, interest level, and teachability; second, to address the reality of unpredictable teaching situations that are experienced every day.

Finding direction and purpose

In order to stay motivated, learners need to know what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how it can be applied outside the classroom. Clear goals and objectives are crucial to this process. English in Common meets these needs by beginning each input lesson with a clearly stated Can Do learning objective and grammar focus. The Can Do objectives give direction and purpose for learning. They ensure that students not only know what they are learning, but also why, and how they will be able to use it.

Engaging learners' interest

Maintaining motivation through engagement is equally important for successful language learning. English in Common engages learners' interest by offering a new twist to familiar topics – topics that reflect students' needs and interests. This guarantees that students will always have something to say about the content of the lesson. Students have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas and opinions and engage with the material on a personal level. Activities have been designed to be as realistic as possible so learners can see how the language they are learning can be applied outside the classroom.

Developing active learners

Effective learning also requires active participation. English in Common encourages students to become active participants in their own learning. By using a discovery approach to learning, English in Common guides students to observe structures in context and then use their own knowledge to figure out language use and form. Similarly, the series' approach to listening and reading texts develops a variety of skills and strategies that further cultivate the learners' ability to cope with authentic material independently.