The Complete Course Package

Each level of English in Common consists of:

Student Book with ActiveBook

English in Common Student Books are divided into either ten or twelve units and have enough material for approximately 60 to 90 hours of instruction. Each Student Book has a bound-in ActiveBook, which contains a digital Student Book with the entire audio program, Extra Listening practice and activities, and a printable Language Portfolio to help students keep a record of their progress. Split editions with a bound-in workbook are also available.


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The English in Common Workbook contains further practice of language areas covered in the Student Book.

Teacher's Resource Book with ActiveTeach

The English in Common Teacher's Resource Book provides:

Teaching Notes – detailed lesson plans that correlate to the relevant CEFR standards

Extension Activities – photocopiable worksheets for grammar, vocabulary, and speaking with Teaching Notes


ActiveTeach contains a wide range of resources for lesson planning and in-class presentation. Everything you need is on one disc:

  • Digital Student Book for projection
  • Interactive whiteboard tools to write, highlight, zoom in and out of each Student Book page
  • Audio Program with on-page, clickable MP3 files
  • Video Program with videos, video activity worksheets, transcripts, and teaching notes
  • Extra Listening Activities with audio, activity worksheets, answer key, and audioscripts (also provided on the Student ActiveBook for students' independent use)
  • Test Bank with editable Progress Tests and a Placement Test with guidelines

Audio Program

The English in Common Audio Program includes all the listening and pronunciation material from the Student Book, as well as the audio for the Extra Listening and the Test Bank.

The Test Bank

Tests are included in the English in Common Teacher's Resource Book:

English in Common Placement Test – to place students at the appropriate levels; the score guidelines for level placement are provided with the placement answer key

Unit Tests – at the end of every unit of the Student Book

Review Tests – one for the first half of the Student Book and one for the last half

A Final Test – cumulative for the entire Student Book

The Unit, Review, and Final tests can be printed as is, or they can be edited and adapted to suit your teaching situation using the Microsoft Word files provided.

Here are some ideas:

  • Delete or add exercises to make the test shorter or longer
  • Delete exercises for which you didn't include the content
  • Add exercises to cover extra content you introduced
  • Edit exercises to make them harder or easier
  • Edit the format of exercises to match other exams
  • Personalize the content with local information to bring the exercises to life
  • Use the audioscripts to create additional listening exercises, for example, fill ins, error correction, or multiple-choice questions
  • Add the name of your institution to the top of the test