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Article 1: Guided Discovery for Language Instruction
Maria Victoria Saumell

New language can be introduced in different ways, and there has been a long standing debate on how to do it best. Most approaches fall within the deductive / inductive classification. Guided Discovery takes the best from both in a way that makes it work for a variety of settings and contexts, and as a tool to introduce different aspects of language at all levels. The purpose of this article is to provide theoretical background and a practical 4-step framework for implementation of Guided Discovery.

Article 2: Speaking a Common Language
Sarah Louisa Birchley

A critical awareness of the increasing importance of global standards in education is an essential responsibility for educators in the twenty-first century. The push towards global standards, professionalism and accountability has been driven by globalization, private industry, and the concept of border-less education. Terms such as benchmarks,standards, certification, and accreditation fill our course materials, teacher education programs, and policy documents. Yet what do they actually mean? How global are these standards and why are they necessary? Is there and should there be a global standard of language proficiency?