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Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) is an exam for companies and individuals who need a rapid, accurate means of assessing language skills for recruitment, training, benchmarking and staff development.

BULATS offers:
  • fast, economical assessment
  • results linked to internationally trusted standards
  • computer-based testing with optional tests of Speaking and Writing.

The test can be paper-based, or can be taken as a computer-based test (Online or CD-Rom version).


BULATS was developed and is jointly run by Cambridge ESOL, the Alliance Francaise (France), Goethe- Institut (Germany) and the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) in more than 30 countries.

BULATS is a multilingual system, available in English, French, German and Spanish. This enables multinational businesses to establish the same standards for language proficiency across their entire organisation.

Find out more at the BULATS website.

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