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PET (now called Cambridge English: Preliminary) is Cambridge ESOL's exam which shows students` to use and deal with everyday written and spoken English at an intermediate. PET is a B1 Level exam in relation to the CEFR.

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For information regarding the PET exam go to the Cambridge ESOL website.

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Cambridge Preliminary

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Golden tips for maximizing
Cambridge English: Preliminary speaking activities

Clare Walsh Lindsay Warwick

Video Click here to watch a recording of the Golden Tips webinar held in April 2013 by exam experts Clare Walsh and Lindsay Warwick.

File Articles by the Gold Preliminary authors
Easing students into international testing by Clare Walsh
Useful web tools Cambridge English: Preliminary course by Lindsay Warwick


CAE FAQ video screenshot

This video clip is taken from Practice Tests Plus PET 3 Multi-ROM. Both students and teachers have a lot of questions about the speaking exam. Here you can find answers about what to expect and what will happen, meaning that students are much better prepared.

Watch PET Speaking Test interviews with commentary