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Focus on IELTS

Focus on IELTS

Prepare students for the IELTS exam as well as future academic study.


Focus on IELTS new edition keeps its popular topic based approach plus new material aimed at helping students succeed in their future studies. The new edition includes:

  • 50% more language and vocabulary input
  • 2 completely new units
  • New texts and lead in activities
  • Exam tips
  • 4 new academic strands (10 Academic Style Sections, 10 Academic Vocabulary Sections, 5 Reflective Learning Sections, 5 Critical Thinking Sections)

Focus was developed by the author in the classroom and includes key features (including Error Hit Lists and Practice banks) from real students’ needs in real classroom situations.

  • Critical Thinking and Reflective Learning training helps students become more analytical as learners
  • Academic Vocabulary sections systematically build up knowledge of the Academic Word List
  • Academic Style sections focus on key aspects of academic English, and develop students’ ability to achieve the appropriate formal style.


  Map of Contents
  Sample Unit 7
Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS
Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS is the ideal companion to Focus on IELTS coursebook, providing thematically linked practice for each unit. It can also be used on its own for self-study or as a short intensive IELTS course.
Focus on IELTS Foundation
Focus on IELTS Foundation provides solid grounding in the language and skills required for the IELTS exam. With a strong emphasis on core grammar and vocabulary, it can be used as a stand-alone course or as a lead-in to Focus on IELTS.
About the Author
Sue O’Connell
Sue O’Connell has a degree in English language and literature from the University of Bristol and an MA in Anglo Irish Studies from University College, Dublin. She has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer both in the UK and overseas. She was a Cambridge examiner and item writer for many years, and has also taught and examined candidates for the IELTS test. Sue is the author of the Pearson Focus series, which includes Focus on IELTS Foundation and the best-selling Focus on IELTS new edition.
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  • What is IELTS?
  • IELTS is an international test and is often required for entry to a university in the UK or other countries.
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Components available
Focus on IELTS  
Course Book w/ iTest CD-ROM Pack 978 1 408 24136 3
Course Book w/ iTest CD-ROMand Access Card Pack 978 1 408 25929 0
Teacher’s Book New Edition 978 1 408 23917 9
Academic Vocabulary Workbook 978 1 408 23914 8
Focus on IELTS Foundation  
Course Book 978 0 582 82912 1
Teachers Book 978 0 582 82915 2
Class CDs 1-2 978 0 582 82914 5
Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS  
Course Book w/ iTest CD-ROM Pack 978 1 408 25901 6
Course Book w/ iTest CD-ROM and Access Card Pack 978 1 408 24136 3
Focus on Skills for IELTS Foundation  
Course Book 978 1 405 81527 7
Book and CD Pack 978 1 405 83164 2
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