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Intelligent Business intermediate is benchmarked to the Vantage level. The BEC Vantage exam tests Reading , Writing, Listening and Speaking skills and is organised as follows:

  • Reading Test - 1 hour - divided into 5 parts
  • Writing Test - 45 minutes - divided into 2 parts
  • Listening Test - approx. 40 minutes - divided into 3 parts
  • Speaking Test - 14 minutes - divided into 3 parts

The Intelligent Business website allows teachers to download a complete BEC Vantage test. Material is available for every part of the exam - simply click on the links below:

Reading Test
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Writing Test
Part One & Two

Listening Test
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Listening Test Audio
Click on the links below to listen to the BEC Vantage Test audio MP3s.

Part One (Conversation 1)
Part One (Conversation 2)
Part One (Conversation 3)
Part Two (Section 1)
Part Two (Section 2)
Part Three

Listening test audio scripts

Speaking Test
Part One, Two & Three

Answer key


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