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Intelligent Business: Plus gives Intelligent Business teachers the opportunity to access exclusive up-to-date business articles from Economist.com. These articles are normally only available to subscribers to The Economist Website.
In addition, teachers can access a variety of articles that outline practical ideas on how authentic material (such as newspaper articles) can be used in the business english classroom.

An Economist.com Premium Content article is available weekly, free to Intelligent Business users. You need to be registered with Longman.com to access these worksheets. Click here to register.

The year of living dangerously
Aug 7th 2008, From The Economist print edition
ON AUGUST 9th 2007, after an alarming leap in interbank interest rates, the European Central Bank signalled its readiness to provide the banking system with the liquidity it suddenly lacked. What became known, with irresistible alliteration, as the credit crunch had begun. A year on, the crunch continues. Indeed, recent data suggest that Europe and Japan are flirting with recession. America has so far stood up surprisingly well; but banks there (and elsewhere) are still in pain.

China’s dash for freedom
Jul 31st 2008, From The Economist print edition
“SPORT”, as George Orwell noted more than 60 years ago, “is an unfailing cause of ill-will.” This newspaper generated some of its own in 2001, when we argued against the award of the 2008 Olympics to Beijing, and drew comparisons to the Nazi-organised games in Berlin in 1936. Chinese officialdom and many ordinary citizens were furious: another petulant effort by Western foes to thwart China’s inexorable rise.

More U-turns, please
Jul 24th 2008, From The Economist print edition
BARACK OBAMA’S presidential-style progress through the Middle East and Europe this week stole many headlines. But that should not be allowed to divert attention from some surprising policy shifts by the man who, last time we checked, was still the actual president of the United States. George Bush has just made at least one-and-a-half U-turns in the Middle East. They have serious merit. If he now makes another turn and a half, he may bequeath whoever succeeds him something unexpected: the beginnings of a decent American policy for this troubled region.

How to win the war within Islam
Jul 17th 2008, From The Economist print edition
AMERICA’S “global war on terrorism”, now in its seventh year, has gone on longer than the second world war. Will it ever end? Optimists believe some kind of victory is in sight: Iraq is improving; al-Qaeda has been unable to stage a big attack in the West in three years; and terrorists have shown little sign of using weapons of mass destruction. Jihadists face an ideological backlash, even from radical “brothers” who support jihad but disagree with killing Muslims.

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