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Inteligent Business - An Overview

Learn Business… Do Business.

The Skills Book is for students who have work experience.
The Course Book is for students with limited work experience.

The Course Book

Learn Business…

What happens when your students haven’t worked in business before? They need to learn business concepts like mergers and acquisitions. They need to know essential career skills, like presenting and summarising. On top of this, they need to learn useful business English.

Before you write off your lunch break for the next 12 weeks as extra planning time, take a look at the Intelligent Business Course Book.

The Course Book assumes that students have a limited prior knowledge of the business world, so it teaches business concepts and skills as well as business English. There’s an authentic reading from The Economist© magazine in every unit, so you won’t have to go through the business news pages for reading texts. And every Course Book has a free Style Guide for business letters, faxes and emails.

Now that’s intelligent.

The Skills Book

Do Business.

Your students don’t need to be taught what a multi-national company is, they work for one. They don’t need to be taught how to write a business report, they wrote one last week. They just need to turn their turn their familiar work life into English as quickly as possible.

The Skills Book has short, 4 page topics like Meet Business Partners, Brainstorm Solutions, Lead a meeting, and Make a short presentation.

No word searches, no ‘find a person who…’ exercises, no faffing around. Just functional business English that students can use at work straight away. And a free practice CD ROM with all the listening material and some of the video as well as extra language check activities.

The Skills book can be with the course Book to bring more of a skills focus into your classroom, or use it independently for an intensive Business English Skills Course.

Now that’s intelligent, too.

Click on unit 11 to see a sample of the Intelligent Business Skills Book CD ROM.


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Intelligent Business - An Overview
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