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Every month we provide you with an article from the The Economist© with accompanying worksheets and answer key for your Upper Intermediate and more advanced students.

July 2013 Get a Lifelog

February 2013 Working Age Shift

January 2013 Learning new lessons

December 2012 Bosses and fatherhood

November 2012 The woes of Netflix

October 2012 Apple's new smartphone

September 2012 The New Boss at Apple

August 2012 Olympic transport logistics

April 2012 Mining Asteroids

January 2012 The Rise of Co-working

27/08/2011 Japanese Recruiting

21/07/2011 The Acceptable Face of Facebook

26/05/2011 Give a Little Whistle (Corporate Crime)

3/3/2011 The Mighty Fallen

27/1/2011 Loyalty Cards

25/11/2010 Management in mid-sized German Companies

25/06/2010 GM Electric Car

29/04/2010 In Praise of Television

27/01/2010 Toyota: Make or Brake

17/12/09 Gamblers united

26/11/09 Google and Microsoft

24/09/09 Trying Times for El Corte Inglés

03/09/09 Will Disney's latest acquisition prove as Marvellous as it appears?

23/07/09 The Town Without News

30/06/09 On Lying

30/04/09 You've got (no) Mail: The Postal Service

24/03/09 Managers do the Daftest Things

29/01/09 Going Green

19/11/08 The Upside of the Downturn

19/11/08 English Marks a Million

06/11/08 Great Expectations (Election of Barack Obama)

09/10/08 Solar Energy

09/10/08 A Financial History of the World


How to Use Authentic Materials

This article offers helpful advice on how to use authentic materials from The Economist© and other authentic sources effectively in the business English classroom.

Teaching with Authentic Materials

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