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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English CD-ROM - Updated Edition

Everything in the paper dictionary, and a whole lot more!


76,000 additional dictionary examples
150,000 extra word combinations to help understand how words are used
Over 1 million extra sentences direct from the corpus show you words and phrases in context

Want to improve your pronunciation?
  • Every headword pronounced, including names
  • NEW 88,000 example sentences pronounced
  • British and American pronunciations
  • Record and check your own pronunciation

    Need help with writing?
  • NEW Longman Writing Assistant. Pop-up interactive tool gives help on word choice, grammar, collocation information and advice in avoiding common errors. Helps you write correct English first time.

    Need to pass an exam?
  • NEW Over 1000 listening exercises on the CD-ROM
  • Exam practice exercises for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS & TOEICŪ

    Want to expand your vocabulary?
  • CD-ROM includes the full text of the Longman Language ActivatorŪ to help you expand your vocabulary and choose the right word
  • Expand your knowledge of British and American culture with 9000 entries from the Longman Dictionary of English Language & Culture

    Want to use the internet?
  • Pop-up mode allows you to use the dictionary while surfing the net or using email

  • NEW Teacher's Lesson Plans on the CD-ROM
  • NEW Now PC, Mac & Linux compatible

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