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Teaching Vocabulary: Having a good range of vocabulary is one of the most important factors in successful communication, and for lower level students vocabulary is probably more important than grammar in fulfilling their basic communicative needs. Here some more tips on how to help your students improve their range of vocabulary and retain what they have learnt.

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Working with lexis: In August's Teaching Tip see how you can improve the way students learn and retain new lexis with some handy tips to use in the classroom that will help your students learn more effectively.

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Revision and Recycling: Beginners particularly need regular revision and recycling of new language. Her are some tips and ideas on how to incorporate revision and recycling onto your lessons.

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Helping Students with pronunciation: When people say that you speak good English, very often they are reacting to your pronunciation - this is very important in creating a confident first impression...

Task-Based Learning

The Practice of English Language Teaching 4th Edition Jeremy HarmerTask-based learning (sometimes referred to as Task-based instruction, or TBI) makes the performance of meaningful tasks central to the learning process.

Read more about Task-Based Learning from Jeremy Harmer's Practice of English Language Teaching.