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What are Penguin Kids?

This year we have 23 graded readers for young learners of English. There are 6 levels. Each is a Disney/Pixar film title that your students know or may even have seen! The series has a rigorously applied system of grammar, vocabulary and structures. All titles are written 'to level' and 'to age'. Our philosophy is simply to create great looking books that motivate kids to learn to read in English.

Why should I use them with my students?

Most kids are spell-bound by the magic of Disney, I know mine are! Beautiful stories, beautifully told. The magic of the story and the stunning graphic images have been carefully re-worked by our English Language Teaching specialist authors to bring the most motivating and captivating readers ever to be seen in the Primary English Teaching classroom.

Can you explain the levels?

There are six levels - a path of progression from the very start of learning English to entry to CEF A1++. The table opposite gives more detailed information. Anything more you want to know then write to us.

What course books do they compliment?

The levels are carefully written to correlate to all Pearson Primary courses. If you are using level one of Our Discovery Island then Penguin Kids level one is for you.

Are they the full Disney / Pixar film stories?

The short answer is 'Yes and No'. Obviously we are restricted by the rigorous grading system as to how much of the original story we can convey. The stories are authentic. The stories are true to the original apart from six titles at the lowest levels, where we show on the cover that we are only dealing with one short story within the story. We intend the stories to be age appropriate so with restricted use of grammar and vocabulary we felt best to bring a little of the story, but to bring it in a big way.

Are the images authentic?

Yes all the books have been written and designed with Disney. All images are from the original films.

What extras are available to support the books in class?

On this website you can find MP3 audio and the covers on the homepage link to the on-line catalogue where you find teachers notes for each title including extra activities for class, simply click on the cover you like and they appear - just like Aladdin with his magic lamp - your wish is our command!

My students find reading difficult, so how can Penguin Kids help?

Motivation is the key. The desire to open the books, to turn the pages, to anticipate what is coming next. Stunning images and professional audio bring the characters to life. Teaching notes to consolidate learning; craft activities to extend understanding. All this wrapped up in stories the children want to read; these books don't just help students learn English, they help develop a love of books and reading.

Are there any exercises in the books?

There are exercises at the back of each book and more in the teacher's notes.

Where can I find example pages and audio?

Click on the cover of the book on the home page or follow the separate link to the full audio listings here.