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Real Life Elementary
Backpack Gold Level 1 book cover

Active Teach

for the classroom:

  • Interactive Whiteboard software
  • Contains electronic version of each page of the Students’ Book with zoomable areas, integrated audio, DVD and interactive activities
  • Includes the Skills Multi-ROM exercises that can be used in the classroom
  • Bank of teaching materials in the Teacher’s Resources section:
    • - extra photocpiable / downloadable grammar, vocabulary and skills activities
    • - activities to activate language introduced in Can you do it in English?
    • - activities based on the listening material in the Students’ book
    • - worksheets for the DVD
    • - ideas for short classroom activities

to develop teaching skills:

  • 16 workshops on different aspects of language teaching (see Appendix I)
  • Ideas for using the classroom board to support lessons

To create test materials:

  • Test Master with a range of different tests teachers can photocopy or adapt for their classes
  • Placement Tests (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate and Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate)
  • 12 short tests (1 per unit) in versions A and B
  • 6 language and skills tests (1 every two units) in versions A and B
  • Speaking tests for every unit
  • Writing test (1 every 2 units)
  • Mid-year and end-of-year progress tests
  • Audio for the listening comprehension tasks
  • All test test materials are also in the Test Book