In the back of every Student’s Book, a digital Student’s Book includes:
  • The complete audio program
  • Interactive practice of speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary
  • Printable resources
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In the first edition, students had a Super CDROM which included some of the audio program. In the second edition, ActiveBook offers a digital Student’s Book with the complete audio program. In addition, all the activities from the Super CDROM are accessible from the digital Student’s Book as More Practice. Students can also print out Reading Glossaries, Extra Reading Comprehension Questions, and “Can-Do” Self-Assessment Charts for each unit, as well as a Reading Speed Calculator to track progress through all the readings.
In the back of every Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner, a digital Student’s Book with built-in interactive whiteboard tools for dynamic classroom presentations and lesson planning.
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In the first edition, a Teacher’s Resource Disk in the back with printable extension activities. Separate components offered a digital Student’s Book (Summit Digital), video (Summit TV), and audio (Class Audio Program). In the second edition, ActiveTeach offers all these in one place.

With a digital Student’s Book with interactive whiteboard (IWB) software, teachers can zoom in, write, highlight, use shapes, save pages, and more. The complete audio program is still available separately on audio cds, but in ActiveTeach a simple click on the activity on the Student’s Book page plays the audio. The Summit TV video program is instantly accessible and the screen is larger than in the first edition’s Summit Digital. ActiveTeach can also be played on a DVD player to access the video directly. In addition, all of the student’s ActiveBook More Practice activities are available to the teacher for lesson planning and use in class. Also available on the disc are printable resources including How to Use the Digital Student’s Book, all the extension activities from the first edition’s Teacher Resource Disk, Workbook Answer Keys, Unit Audioscripts, and all the student’s printables from ActiveBook.
An optional online learning tool for personalized practice and assessment, with automatic gradebook and Summit TV.
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In the first edition, only Top Notch had a MyLab. In the second edition, you can use a brand new MyLab for Summit - an online interactive alternative to the Summit Workbook, with Grammar Booster and Pronunciation Booster activities, self-grading Achievement Tests, plus Summit TV and viewing activities.
  • Activity headings and instructions are more explicit and clearly stated to highlight the pedagogy.
  • Increased opportunities for Debate, Presentations, and Projects prepare learners for higher-level communication.
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Preview Lesson: Activity headings highlight critical thinking skills, reading strategies, and personalization.

Grammar Lesson: Activity following Grammar Snapshot highlights a critical thinking skill or reading strategy. Students are encouraged to explain their answers in Grammar Practice. Culminating activity in NOW YOU CAN reminds students to “Use the Grammar.”

Conversation Lesson: In Conversation Snapshot, conversation strategies are highlighted. Students are reminded to “Use the Conversation Strategies” in culminating Now You Can activity.

Reading Lesson: Reading activity headers and instructions highlight reading strategies. Discussion activities highlight critical thinking. A small insert informs students of printable Extra Reading Comprehension Questions and Reading Glossaries in ActiveBook.

Listening Lesson: Listening comprehension activity headers and instructions highlight listening strategies. Discussion activities highlight critical thinking.



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